Richard III. Prologue

Nov 02, 2016

Project “Ukraine Mystical”
second perfomance of  "Sheakespearian cycle"
 Daha-Braha – ethno-chaos group participating.
Produced by Vladyslav Troitskyi

If life is a dream God is dreaming, might it happen, that the bloody chain of assassignations, betrayals and treason, struggling for power and possession and, as a tragic result of everything, the begining and the end of frightful peripetias, piercing all the way through the substance of ingenious Shakespearian play inescapable solitude is only a nightmare of the hunchback Richard hopelessly stuck in misfortune following him with an inevitability of a malicious fate? That’s kind of impression creates the bewitching action - staging of the play “Richard The Third” by Vladislav Troitzkyi DAKH Centre of Contrmporary Art.
Captivating in their self-oblivion with a touch of a mysterious spirit of true shamanism or some religious rite the sounds of the curiously organic and original music of DakhaBrakha ethno-chaos group as if materializing in the stage space. In the atmosphere of almost a prayer ecstasy the actors in costumes each element of which is a pure colour of symbol in itself are creating another reality with a help of a psychologic dance – an ominous gloom of Richard’s surroundings. This is severity and cruel beauty of life. Life as it is. Life in its bleakness.
The problems and dilemmas of power and authority most topical in Ukraine nowdays, common to all mankind questions, in search of an answer to those a human soul has been staying at all the times – Life and Death, Love and Hatred, Faith and Fear are interlaced in the play in one sole Gordian knot. Is it possible to untangle it? Everyone personally has to find an answer to it for himself. After all, those issues are talking right to the heart of the spectator.
Appellingly integral and harmoniously built, the play, straight away – just like a sudden irradiation - involves one into the upper boundless spheres of unconsciousness, calling to life a whole swarm of cues, intimations and revelations of the spirit.